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DIY necklace with pearl & tassel

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Do you love pearls and tassels just like me? Then you will like this DIY chain very much! Because as a pendant I have taken a noble white pearl and a playful brown tassel. So the look in playful noble style is exactly perfect!

Material list for your DIY chain
1 Chain: By the meter gold colored
2 Jewelry pliers: Set
3 Small eyelets: 4mm eyelets
4 Big eyelets: 8mm eyelets
5 A pearl: 8mm pearl
6 A tassel: Tassel in different colors
7 A headpin: Headpins goldcolored
8 Chain closure: Chain closure goldcolored

DIY Kette Material

Step 1: Thread your pearl on the rivet pin and cut the end down to 0.5mm. Then you form an eyelet out of the end with the round pliers.

DIY Kette Perle

Step 2: Attach the bead and the tassel to the big eyelet and then thread your chain there.

DIY Perlenkette Schritt 2

Step 3: Now you just need to attach your clasp with the small eyelets on the chain and your DIY necklace with Perle & amp; tassel ♥

DIY Kette Quaste

DIY Perlenkette Quaste

That’s what she looks like. How do you like it? ♥

DIY Kette



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