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Knot DIY macrame bracelets

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The macrame technique is a knotting technique originating from the Orient. When I was traveling to South / East Asia earlier this year, I saw many of these macrame bracelets or friendship ribbons tied to the roadside jewelers. I liked it so much that I have converted it a bit and created a stylish, chic version of it. If you want to re-link this, I have created a guide for you.

Make your own macrame bracelet – Knot Technique

You need a long, slightly thicker (about 1 mm) strap and if you want to attach a proper fastener you need a button. More practical, however, is a sliding closure that can be easily created from the macrame knots.

macrame bracelet diy tutorial

Of course, I have summarized and linked the material you need for the bracelets so that you can tinker with the bracelets directly.

Material for your macrame bracelet
1 Nyloncord 1 mm: Grey, Blue, Brown, Pink, Green, Sand
2 Connectors gold: Heart, Crystal heart, Tree of life, Anchor, Anchor crystal
3 Connectors silver: Heart, Anchor, Infinity, Tree of life
4 Scissor and lighter



Here I have picked out a large selection of jewelry connectors at Etsy: Schmuckverbinder bei

Detailed Macrame Instructions – Just make beautiful braided bracelets yourself

First, you cut off a piece of tape that has a length of about 40cm. Then you make a loop for the button right in the middle, or you simply let the ends protrude 10cm over the first knot, if you decide for the slide fastener. To make it a little easier for you, the loop is best somewhere to prevent it from slipping away. Then you cut off a 1m long band which is knotted together in the middle just below your knot under the loop(see picture 1).

Should you use an intermediate element, as in my pictures, you attach the string to the side of the element and make the knots exactly as shown.

Now we take the band A and put it in a loop over the bands B + C (picture 2) . Now we take the band D and put it under the bands B + C (picture 3) . Then we take tape A again and pull it through the loop of band D, just like tape D through the loop of band A (picture 4) . Now we can pull both bands together and the result is a knot (picture 5) .
This knot technique is now continued until the end of the bracelet and at the very end a knot knotted to the bracelet with the loop to be able to close.

It almost always has to look like a pretzel at every knot. If you start alternately left or right, the bracelet just like the pictures. If you always start on the same side, the bracelet turns like a spiral.

Very important: Make sure that if you make the loop your button in any case!

Alternatively, you can of course omit the button and knot a beautiful macrame closure. To do this you simply lay the two end pieces on top of each other, take a new string and knot 1-2 cm macrame knots over the end pieces as described above. So you have a handy slide closure you can push on and off.

With the lighter you can burn the end pieces short and thus fix. Cut the ends to a short length of about 2mm and then melt down with the help of the flame. So the ends are fixed and do not detach anymore.

makramee knoten

I have created a video tutorial for you, I hope everything is understandable!


Since the first video was a bit too fast, I made a second one for you 🙂


As many of you have asked, the best thing is that it actually works with the 1mm thick satin ribbon because it has a smooth texture and you can fix the ends with a lighter.

And now have fun trying it out!

Macrame bracelet diy tutorial

Knot DIY macrame bracelets

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