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Simple DIY bracelets with slide closure

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These simple DIY bracelets with adjustable slide fasteners are totally easy to make yourself. They look ultra chic and can be combined super. You can also customize the bracelets in shape and color according to your taste.

diy bracelets
Material for your DIY bracelet
1 Nyloncord 1 mm: Grey*, Blue*, Brown*, Pink*, Green*, Sand*
2 Connectors gold: Heart*, Crystal heart*, Tree of life, Anchor*, Anchor crystal*
3 Connectors silver: Heart*, Anchor*, Infinity*, Tree of life*
4 Beads: Silver*

Of course I have linked the material back to you. So you can tinker the instructions directly.

Let´s go!
Step 1: Cut off 2 x 40cm of nylon tape and pull a loop on each side of your intermediate element, through which you return the string. Thus, it is firmly fixed to your intermediate element.

Schritt1 diy armband

Step 2: Then you need the pearl needle to pull the ball over the bands. To do this, thread the satin ribbon into the eyelet of the pearl needle and then through the ball. Then you do the same again with the other side of the satin ribbon and then pull it back through the ball where already a part of the band is in it.
schitt2 diy armband mit schiebeverschluss

Step 3: Now you put the tails over each other and knots one Sliding closure with the macrame technique around the ends. I have linked the instructions to you.

schritt3 diy armband mit schiebeverschluss

Ready your DIY bracelet with sliding closure

How do you like the bracelets?

Simple DIY bracelets with slide closure

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